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Vista Window for Annex Plus - by iKamper

Vista Window for Annex Plus - by iKamper


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Scenic views and unspoiled landscapes are why we love the outdoors. Upgrade the front door of your Annex Plus with a Vista Window. So you can enjoy all the sights without sacrificing protection from the rain, wind, or insects.

Material: Clear Polyether TPU

Dimensions (Skycamp 3.0 Annex Plus, Skycamp 3.0 2X Annex Plus, X-Cover 2.0 Annex Plus Models): 88.5” x 76.75”

Dimensions (Skycamp 3.0 Mini Annex Plus, X-Cover 2.0 Mini Annex Plus): 75.5” x 76.75”

Note* The Visa Window Midnight Gray is only compatible with the Annex Plus. It is not compatible with the Annex.

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