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We have a goal, and that goal is to get you and your family into the great outdoors! To go explore and enjoy this gorgeous country that we call home. Canada has some of the most beautiful and versatile terrain and geographic features in the world. We want to make sure you have the best gear to make your next adventure a success!

Red Bear Outdoors is the official distributor for Gazelle Tents, Alu-Cab, Skinny Guy Campers, Treeline Outdoors, Thule Tepui, iKamper, Front Runner Outfitters, OverlandRacksOntario, ARB, Helinox, BioLite, Exped, MSR, Dometic, Pelican, Warn, and many more.

Our team uses all the gear we sell and tests it in the real world, with fun adventures and awesome family.

Our Red Bear, Outdoors.

Years ago we got our red Canyon (aka @wanderingmigu), and with it began exploring Ontario with a vehicle.

Going beyond the concrete jungle was as easy as turning the wheel onto a trail. In late April 2016, we thought we would go for our first trail run of the year, after the snow had melted. The reality was northern Ontario was still pretty much covered by a few layers of snow.

Setting our tent on the wet snow was not exciting and so the search for the best roof top tent began.

After months of research we settled on our Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized. It was shipped from California to BC and then to us. Quite a complex chain of events to order a product. We thought to ourselves, why does the best roof top tent company in North America not have any representation in Ontario?

The decision was simple, if we wanted Ontario’s overland and off-roading community to grow we needed to make high quality products, such as Tepui tents, available to all. This is how Red Bear Outdoors was born, a desire for comfort in all terrains.

We continue to try and get out whenever we can, to the great outdoors, and encourage our fellow explorers to follow us along on our Instagram page and come out and join us!

– Agu, Mike, & Will

Meet the Crew!

When you come to Red Bear Outdoors, you will meet amazing individuals who have lived this firsthand, they all have significant camping andoverlanding experience across the world. They all have fascinating stories to tell so don’t be afraid to ask for advice or ideas. This is the crew that keeps us the best Overland store in Canada!


    Henry overlands his old Land Rovers with the motto “where there is a will, there is a way.” He has pushed, winched, wrenched and shovelled his 1974 Series III and 1984 110 through forests, deserts, jungles and across 5 borders since 1996. Starting with budget backpacking equipment, Henry has experience adapting sleeping, cooking, vehicle recovery and navigation gear to meet a changing budget and the comfort and safety demands of a family. You can read about Henry’s adventures at shearpin.org, Instagram, or stop by the shop to trade stories and discuss your overland equipment needs.

  • MATT

    Matt has always had a passion for nature and the great opportunities it has to offer. With his 2010 Jeep Wrangler, he’s travelled from coast to coast, visiting the epic landscapes of Canada and parts of the United States. Pushing his Jeep ‘Roxanne’ to its limit from the fjords of Newfoundland to the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, all the way North to the Arctic Ocean, Matt doesn’t shy away from a good adventure and always has a story to tell. Matt is looking forward to many more adventures with his partner and dogs. If you are looking to take your vehicle or adventures to the next level, visit the shop, Matt can certainly point you in the right direction!


    After much dreaming, 22-year-old Marcos embarked on the journey riding his big trail BMW Gs 800 2015 motorcycle. He conquered 15,000 kilometers, through Patagonia, spanning Brazil, Argentina and Chile—braving deserts, mountains, winds, glaciers, and more challenges, such as falling from his motorcycle and navigating sandy terrain. His ultimate destination: Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city.

    Despite limited space, Marcos adeptly utilized small gear, showcasing his organizational skills and mastery of on-road maintenance crucial for motorcycles. Explore his outdoor adventures on Instagram or pay a visit to the store for a friendly chat.

  • MIKE

    Having camped and overlanded through 9 of the 10 Canadian provinces and 2 of the 3 territories, Mike is happy to say he’s seen a lot of this gorgeous country! Coast to coast to coast, he’s taken a vehicle to each end and happily continues to explore more. As a lifelong camper, Mike has developed his outdoors knowledge and experience in the wilds of Europe and North America, and next on the list: South America. A city guy that loves to be in the remotest wilderness, Mike looks for adventures in far away places whenever he can.

    Always happy to share stories at the shop, and camping ideas

    for wherever you may go next!

  • Ken

    Meet Ken, your ultimate outdoor adventure buddy! Picture a guy who's always sporting a wide grin, fueled by his unwavering love for camping, fishing, and discovering hidden gems off the beaten path. Ken's journey began amidst the rustling leaves of his Boy Scout days, and ever since, he's been hooked on the thrill of the wild. Whether he's pitching his tent beneath a starry sky or fishing the waters of remote lakes, Ken's passion for the outdoors knows no bounds. Ken's always seeking the next adventure, the next savory campfire feast, and the next unforgettable moment in the great outdoors. So, if you're a fellow outdoor enthusiast looking for a kindred spirit to share in the thrill of exploration, join him as he dives headfirst into nature's playground, forging friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

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