Off-Season RTT Storage & Maintenance

Do you live in the city and need a place to store your Roof Top Tent over the winter? Or need some help taking the Roof Top Tent off the vehicle? Or simply prefer the pros at Red Bear Outdoors to handle the whole process and safely and securely keep your tent in dry storage during the winter season? We can help!

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Winter RTT Storage Package Pricing:

$200 + HST for soft shell tents (e.g. Thule Autana, Treeline Outdoors, ROAM, Smittybuilt, etc.)

$250 + HST for hard shell tents (e.g. Alu-Cab, SkyeTent, Roofnest, QuickPitch)

Each package includes:

  1. Dismount the tent in November
  2. Dry storage over winter
  3. Mount the tent onto vehicle in March


Our tent storage is fully insured. We take photos of the outside of the tent before storing it. Red Bear Outdoors is not responsible for the interior condition of your tent, it is very important that you dry and ventilate the tent prior to storage so as to avoid any unwanted growths for the next season! We store the tent as-is, the tent does not get opened, it is taken off your vehicle and directly into storage.

RTT Maintenance

This is also a great time to get some much needed love and care accomplished for your tent!

Our RTT Maintenance package is $75 + HST and includes:

  1. Vacuuming
    2. Light canvas cleaning
    3. Zipper cleaning and lubrication
    4. Tightening of hardware
    5. Deodorizer spray + dryer sheets to help keep it smelling great into next season

We also offer Travel Cover hole patching, Canvas hole patching, Canvas water repellant spray application, and more!

Instantly book a Maintenance appointment using the link below, or send us an email to