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Universal Modular Plate - by TrailRax

Universal Modular Plate - by TrailRax


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Modular Mounting System - Our Universal Modular Mounting plate makes it easy to mount gear just about anywhere on your vehicle. This is our bread and butter, we use this plate on all of our Pak Rax as a standard option. You can purchase extra here or even additional options to mount in other places on your TRMR Rack. There are so many options!

Equip for your Adventure - Use our Universal Modular Plate for your adventure and mount just about whatever you want on it. Cater your modular plate to how you want and what you need. A four gallon Rotopax can is an amazing option.

Truly Universal - Mount our Universal mounting plate anywhere on your vehicle, it is fantastic for our Patented Pak Rax but also great to mount onto the TRMR Rack line as well as onto our 90 degree brackets.

This product has quickly become a well-known tool for everyone in the overland industry. Our Universal mounting plate is the perfect plate for Rotopax and other accessories to mount to your TrailRax products. The cut-outs we have on the Universal Mounting Plate are specially designed for Rotopax and tons of other items that we have spent years working our pattern to work with so many other great manufacturer's products so that the end-user has an easy way of mounting their accessories for their next adventure.

This Universal Mounting Plate is great for the Pak Rax user who likes to change their setup for each trip they go on. Getting an extra plate to have accessories premounted on each plate makes it easy to switch out preexisting setups for different trips. For example, if you have your Pak Rax mounted with a shovel and ax set up, you can quickly switch out that plate with your Universal Mounting Plate equipped with a 4-gallon gas can for the next trip that requires you to extend your fuel range.

This Universal Mounting Plate can also be mounted to our new Roof Racks! The mounting locations already are preset and work with existing holes so that you can mount your accessories with ease to your Roof Rack.

There are endless possibilities for the Mounting plate we offer. 

Comes powder coated satin black

  • 14 gauge Aluminum for the best strength and durability
  • Precision cut and bent
  • Works with our Pak Rax, Roof Racks, and much more

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