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Tamarack Plus 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent - By Treeline Outdoors

Tamarack Plus 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent - By Treeline Outdoors


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Welcome to the AdventurePLUS rooftop tent!

Made in Canada, The TamarackPLUS is a 2-3 person, all-season tent that inherits the unique qualities seen in the Adventure series, PLUS MORE! With feedback from campers just like you, we have added a few new features aimed at making your camping experience easier, more comfortable, and a little more you.

Easier how?

The first thing we did was design a new travel cover. You need something that is highly durable, easy to remove, and stored neatly away. Instead of zippers, your new travel cover uses a simple drawcord to keep it in place while driving. Second, We wanted to create a space that was functional while keeping in mind that you need a good night’s rest. Along with your gear hammock, you will find 4 large storage pockets sewn up and out of the way. Each pocket is zippered and made of see-through mesh for locating smaller items quickly.

Comfortable How?

We realized that no matter how you spend your day camping, you want your sleep to be the most amazing sleep you’ve ever had. The clean crisp air, the little sounds of the night, and the comfort of your camp duvet make your 3” memory foam mattress an upgrade you will not regret and will brag about every single morning. Condensation is now a thing of the past with the new breathable ceiling panel. No need for clunky anti-condensation mats ever again!

More Me?

More choice! Like always, you can choose the colour of your tent and your fly, and for the first time your travel cover. We have brought in 5 new colours for the AdventurePLUS Series, making 125 incredible colour combinations to choose from. So camp in style by matching your vehicle or camp incognito and match your surroundings!


Model: TamarackPLUS
Weight: Standard mattress 132.5lbs, Upgraded mattress 145.0lbs
Closed Dimensions: 49” x 56” x 15”
Open Dimensions: 122” x 56” x 50”
Sleeping Area: 95” x 55”
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