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Tow Pro Elite Brake Controller - by RedArc

Tow Pro Elite Brake Controller - by RedArc


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The REDARC Tow-Pro Elite is the only brake controller on the market with 2 braking modes at the turn of a dial and comes with a free universal pig-tail wiring harness and universal switch insert panel (TPSI-001).


Manual Off-road Mode- Provides user-controlled braking, allowing you to independently manage the trailer’s speed separate from your vehicle. Perfect for more challenging conditions such as steep descents, deep snow, mud, and sand.

Everyday Mode- Using proportional braking, the trailer adjusts its braking force in sync with the vehicle’s brakes, ensuring a smooth and controlled experience. Perfect for day-to-day towing.

You can choose what braking type best suits the road conditions, vehicle type or driver preference, and the Tow-Pro Elite is suitable for 12 and 24-volt systems.


This model features a three-axis accelerometer which can measure acceleration in any direction. The main unit can be mounted in any orientation, out of sight and still sense the brake level accurately.

The SEMA Global Media Award winning Tow-Pro Elite also comes with self-levelling technology, so it can sense the rate of deceleration and features active calibration, which constantly monitors the vehicles direction of travel, with or without a trailer attached.

The REDARC Tow-Pro Elite control knob is designed with low profile and shock-absorbing elastomers ensuring it can be installed in crash impact zones, and all Tow-Pro Elite purchases come with a free universal pig-tail wiring harness included as standard.


REDARC is an Australian company that’s 40 years old and is a world-class advanced electronics manufacturer providing high quality trailer accessories. All REDARC products are designed, developed, engineered and tested in the toughest conditions.

The Tow-Pro Elite has undergone years of testing in some of the harshest conditions to become one of the best brake controllers for trailers the world over.

Benefits of a Tow-Pro Elite Electronic Brake Controller

  • Two braking modes
  • SwayStop Control to stop trailer sway with one touch
  • Factory look, dash mounted remote head for ultimate control at your fingertips
  • Main unit mounted behind the dash keeping the drivers leg space clear and no interference with airbags.
  • Suitable for 12V and 24V vehicles
  • Active calibration for easy setup
  • Operates both electric and electric/hydraulic trailer brakes.

* Note: Tow-Pro Elite may not be suitable for some electric/hydraulic systems that require their own specific controller.

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