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Square Potset - by Square-Cookware

Square Potset - by Square-Cookware


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The leading stackable square cookware especially designed for the camping and overlanding market. The pots stack into each other saving space, the handle detaches and all packs away into a handy heavy-duty carry bag. It’s durability ensures that you can cook on any source of heat, from fire to induction.

 - Gas, Woodflame and Induction Ready -

Set includes:
1 x 3.8L Aluminum Pot with Stainless Steel Lid
1 x 2.6L Aluminum Pot with Stainless Steel Lid
2 x Heat Resistant Silicone Mats
1 x Detachable Handle
1 x Handle Bag
1 x Heavy Duty Carry Bag

Stacked Pots Specs:

Height: 18 cm
Width: 22 cm
Length: 22 cm
Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Square shape for maximum cooking area & minimum packing space WITH a three layer Ilag non-stick coating on the inside to prevent your food from sticking and making cleaning an easy task, even a wet wipe will do.
  • Two layer matt black enamel finish to prevent easy scratches.
  • Stackable – all packs away in a handy heavy duty carry bag.
  • Works on all heat sources – Gas, electric, induction, oven & fire.
  • No need to travel with different pots, use the cookware to bake a bread, deep fry chips, make a cottage pie, even great as a kettle.
  • Both pots easily fit next to each other on all stoves.
  • Heavy duty 4mm Aluminium pots with a 5 year warranty.
  • Easy one button operation handle that is detachable, heat resistant and easily clips on and off any side and packs away inside the potset.
  • The handle is removed and stored at the click of a button.
  • 304 Stainless Steel lid enabling you to add coals directly to the lid when cooking on the fire.
  • The knobs are silicone and heat resistant.
  • The lids are developed in such a way that they ‘puzzle’ into each other, enabling the pots to not move within each other.
  • Custom silicone mats for protecting your pots from each other when stacked as well as your table from heat.
  • An integrated plate enabling the pots to work on induction plates.
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