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Skinny Guy Campers

Skinny Guy Campers

Skinny Guy Campers


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Whether you’re heading out for an overnight or a multi-week transcontinental overland adventure, a Skinny Guy Camper can handle it all.

Skinny Guy Camper's are a full featured camper that are easily removable, retain the mobility of your adventure truck with a cab height travelling size and provide ample, lockable storage low down in in your truck bed.

Available for 4.5, 5.0, 5.0 Gladiator, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 and 8 foot bed lengths.



We designed our campers with inspiration from nature. Just like an insect’s body has an exoskeleton, so does a Skinny Guy Camper. Skinny Guy Campers uses .125 aluminum sheets throughout, including the interior benches and storage. This makes the camper’s tough outer shell dent and corrosion-resistant also making it nearly 2x as thick as comparable products in the market.


As one of the few parts that can eventually wear out, the camper’s tent is designed to be removable and replaceable. We needed the fabric to be durable and light with great wind- and water resistance. Aqualon® Edge fabric has been used successfully for years in high-end marine applications. When designing the camper, we knew the tent needed to be a single layer to fit within the compact space. In addition to its stellar tear- and water resistance, the material’s white backing provides good light transference giving the camper interior a cavernous feeling. On sunny days even in cold weather, the sun’s heat transfers quite well into the interior.


SGC uses Marine Mat® brand flooring. Since the floor can get quite dirty during off-road adventures, we took inspiration from the boating industry and chose durable set-in flooring that is removable and replaceable.


We use all stainless steel hardware and fasteners to assemble your Skinny Guy Camper. Closed-end and sealed rivets are used along with industrial body adhesive to assemble the individual panels. We use around 700 stainless steel rivets for each camper. There are a few weldments throughout; however, the majority of the assembly is bonded and riveted.

Customize your Skinny Guy Camper to meet your adventuring needs, with a variety of available options including:

  • Internal Cooktop
  • Sink w/Hot & Cold Water
  • Truma® Combi Eco 14,300-BTU Furnace w/Integrated Hot Water Heater
  • Internal Refrigerator
  • 5-Gal. on-board LP Tank
  • Heated Fresh Water Storage Systems
  • Easy Self-Deploying Tent System
  • PrimoLoo Internal Flushing Toilet with heated wastewater storage tank
  • 100W-190W Integrated Solar Panel which both provides a 12V charge while in travel mode and also folds open for use while camping

4 Models to Choose From with Further Customization Available - Contact Us to Discuss Your Build

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