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Siberia High Power Harness Kit - by Brightsource

Siberia High Power Harness Kit - by Brightsource


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The Siberia Pro High Power Harness Kit is compatible with all our driving lights and LED bars. It is ideal for connecting up to three lights with a maximum consumption of 3 x 145W using DT connectors, or 550W if the DT connectors are cut off.  The kit includes three harness adapters from DT-4 to DT-2, making for an easy install.

To protect from harsh winter driving conditions, a cover encloses the wiring, providing extra protection against impact, wear, dirt, ice, and water

Installation of the kit is easy and can be customized by cutting the harness as needed. Two waterproof, shrinkable splice sleeves are included in the kit to ensure a secure and tight closure and a special clamp is provided to reconnect the protective cover. To prevent moisture from coming into contact with the cable, it is important to cut at least 50 cm from the relay. This harness has no switch included but has a trigger wire that ideally gets connected to the high beam function.

Overall, this harness kit is a reliable and durable solution for anyone who needs to connect multiple high-power lights for any driving conditions.

This kit includes wiring, a 70A high-power relay, a 50A fuse, three DT-4 to DT-2 harness adapters (PN-270438), two Duraseal blue splice sleeves, and one cover clamp.

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