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Roof Rack for the Ford Maverick (2022 to Current) - by Prinsu

Roof Rack for the Ford Maverick (2022 to Current) - by Prinsu


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Introducing the Prinsu Rack for your Ford Maverick, the original low-profile roof rack that’s set to elevate your adventure game. Crafted from top-tier materials, this Prinsu Rack is your steadfast companion for any journey. Take a closer look at the exceptional features it offers:

 Fits 2022- present Ford Maverick trucks (**has not been tested with moonroof)

  • All aluminum construction making the roof rack lightweight and strong
  • Crossbars with built in drop points for easy mounting
  • Modular design allows for maximum customization
  • Drilling required
  • Can be configured with a 40” light bar

The Maverick Prinsu Rack is a cutting-edge, adaptable, and hassle-free roof rack system tailored for the latest Ford Maverick models. This innovative Prinsu rack comes equipped with six adjustable crossbars, providing unparalleled flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Weighing in at just 45 lbs, it ships free of charge via UPS.

Prinsu Roof Racks are engineered to be modular, designed to seamlessly complement your unique lifestyle and recreational pursuits. Our exclusive crossbars are thoughtfully designed with easy-to-use drop-in points, making it effortless to mount a wide array of accessories. Whether you're gearing up for a thrilling ski adventure in the mountains or heading to the waves for a surf session, your Prinsu Rack is your trusted companion for every journey.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, all Prinsu Racks guarantee top-notch durability and performance, setting a new standard in the market. The aluminum construction not only maintains a lightweight profile but also ensures that your vehicle isn't burdened by excessive weight. Despite its featherlight design, the Prinsu Rack boasts remarkable strength. Most Prinsu racks boast an impressive static load capacity of 1,000 lbs and a dynamic load limit of 600 lbs.

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