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P9000 Heater - by Dickinson

P9000 Heater - by Dickinson


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A propane fireplace for your Alu Cab camper. The combustion process is completely isolated from the inside of your camper using a unique, direct vent design while a built-in blower provides heat circulation. 

  •     Unaffected by motion or wind.
  •     Variable heat output and excellent thermal efficiency.
  •     Low fuel consumption.
  •     Compact design, with attractive appearance.
  •     Made of 304 stainless steel.
  •     No interior oxygen depletion.
  •     5.5"L x 8.5″W x 14″H
  •     Weight: 22 lbs
  •     Mounting Backplate: 0.650″D x 8.375″W x 23″H
  •     Fuel Consumption: 1 lb – 7 hrs, 20lb – 140 hrs (LOW); 1 lb – 5 hrs, 20lb – 100 hrs (HIGH)
  •     Heat Output: 3,200 BTU (LOW); 4,500 BTU (HIGH)
* Requires a GP Factor Installation kit for Canopy Campers and Alu Cabins available at Red Bear Outdoors - contact us to discuss the requirements of your specific installation.
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