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LT-50 Roof Molle Plate - by Alu-Cab

LT-50 Roof Molle Plate - by Alu-Cab


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The Alu-Cab LT-50 Molle plate is a modular mounting system designed to attach various equipment and accessories to the exterior of the LT-50. The name “Molle” stands for “Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment,” which is a system used by military personnel to carry gear and supplies.

The Molle allows you to carry a weight of 50kg (110 lbs) without opening the tent and open with a weight of 18kg (40 lbs).

The LT-50 Molle plate is made of lightweight and durable aluminum, and it features a grid of evenly spaced holes along its surface. The molle allows you to securely mount your fishing gear | surf board | ladder mount using straps or clips that thread through the holes in the plate.

This makes it a versatile and adaptable solution for off-road and overland vehicles, allowing you to optimize your gear storage and organization while on the go.

DIMENSIONS: 951.50mm x 1226mm

WEIGHT: 6kg | 13 LBS

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