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Heavy Duty Accessory Rings - by iKamper

Heavy Duty Accessory Rings - by iKamper


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You can hang products such as speakers, LED lights, and daisy chains using Accessory Rings.
Various Installation Spaces
Accessory Rings can be attached to accessory rails under rooftop tent extension panels and the ExoShell 270 hard case body.
However, it cannot be used with BDV due to differences in the top plate size.

Install in Desired Location
Choose the desired slot and location among the two slots on the ExoShell 270 hard case body to install.

Infinite Expandability
Install Accessory Rings to attach various accessories such as LED lights, speakers, daisy chains, and shoe racks.

Convenient Installation
It can be easily installed without the need for a drill. Simply insert four parts (hex bolt, dome washer, spring washer, and inner nut) in order to complete the installation.

Durable Material
The Accessory Ring is made of stainless steel that is not easily corroded and is coated with zinc plating. Therefore, it has high durability and can be used for a long time

Component: (M6 Inner Nut, M6 * L15 Hex Bolt, M6 Spring Washer, Dome Washer) × 2 sets

Size: 29.5 × 11 × 44 mm

Weight: 20 g per unit

Material: Stainless Steel 304

Weight Capacity: 70 kg

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