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Front Runner

Foldable J-Style Kayak Carrier - by Front Runner

Foldable J-Style Kayak Carrier - by Front Runner


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Paddlers will love this top-of-the-range carrier as it is a real roof rack space saver. It will cushion and secure hulls of all shapes and sizes. Quickly and easily change the angle of the larger protective bars to suit your cargo-carrying needs. Once it has been set up to carry your craft, just fasten the tie-down straps, and you are good to go. 

  • Designed to carry a variety of hull shapes as well as SUPs.
  • This is a J style Kayak foldable bracket.
  • The cushioned padded bars protect the hull.
  • Large contact surface area for extra stability when transporting your kayaks.
  • Includes 2 x Tie Down Straps with protective buckle bumpers.
  • Installation hardware supplied.

Consists of:
2 x Foldable Kayak Carrier Brackets      
2 x Tie Down Straps
Installation Hardware
Fitting Instructions

Open Dimensions 795mm (31.3") L x 426mm (16.8") W x 462mm (18.1") H

Closed Dimensions 472mm (18.6") L x 270mm (10.6") W x 102mm (4") H

Weight 5.17kg (11.4lbs)

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