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Colby Valve

Emergency Tire Replacement Valves - by Colby Valve

Emergency Tire Replacement Valves - by Colby Valve


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Whatever the terrain you are travelling - off-camber on rocks, muddy ground with tree roots and fallen limbs, or sandy arroyos full of riverstone - a damaged tire valve stem is an easy way to be left without a spare.  

Whether driving a Tacoma, Jeep, Land Rover or a Unimog - the patented design of the Emergency replacement valve makes replacement as easy as twisting a wing-nut.  The NO TOOL design and ability to install without demounting the tire in under 5 minutes makes it the best tire valve replacement on the market.  The Emergency Tire Valves are .453 inch size, and will fit everything from bicycles to truck tires.

  • NO TOOLS required!
  • Installs from the outside of the wheel
  • Installs in under 5 minutes
  • Fits standard .453 wheel openings
  • 20X stronger than standard valves
  • 2 valves per pack
  • Black, Red and Orange Emergency Tire Valves available
  • Quality 360 brass components
  • Made in the USA
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