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Diamondback HD - by Diamondback

Diamondback HD - by Diamondback


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For all of those that want a truck bed cover for work or play, the DiamondBack HD is the top-of-the-line heavy duty cover that helps you do more with your truck. Perfect for truck-owning avid sportsmen, outdoor enthusiasts, and weekend project warriors.

With a 1600-lb hauling capacity, where there’s a DiamondBack HD, there’s a way. It’s built really, really strong making it the most capable hard truck bed cover ever.

  • Haul up to 1,600 lbs. on top
  • 12 tie-down cleats included
  • Heavy duty diamond plate aluminum
  • Structural support members

A thick EPDM compression gasket runs along the perimeter of the cover to create a barrier to water, snow, or ice, keeping your cargo dry.

  • EPDM perimeter gasket
  • Gutter-protected hinge points
  • Side-facing key cylinders
  • Stainless exterior hardware

Rugged, die-cast zinc lock handles on the access panels of a DiamondBack keep your gear secure by actuating 3/8" deadbolt-style rods directly under the bed rails of your truck.

  • Deadbolt-style lock system
  • Die-cast zinc lock handles
  • 2 key locks
  • Tight and secure fit
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