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Alu Cab RTT Mounting Kit - by TrailRax

Alu Cab RTT Mounting Kit - by TrailRax


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  • Mount your Alu-Cab 3R on our TrailRax modular roof racks or other extrusion based racks. Everything is ready to go and easy to bolt on your extrusion based racks.
  • Our team worked closely with GP Factor and OK4WD/ Alu-Cab USA to create this amazing, All-in-one kit for mounting Alu-Cab RTTs on our TrailRax Modular Roof Racks or extrusion based racks.
  • While our kit is made for the best structural integrity and stability, we still accomplished a low profile design for the customer.

Introducing the all-in-one kit designed to seamlessly integrate your Alu-Cab 3.1 or 3R Roof Top Tent with the TrailRax Modular Roof Rack. This comprehensive kit provides the necessary structural support to securely mount the robust Alu-Cab Roof Top Tents. Recognizing that Alu-Cab RTTs are often heavier and larger in size, this kit alleviates any concerns. Now, you can confidently bring the comfort of your Alu-Cab to your campsite, ensuring a safe and secure setup. No longer are the days of trying to piece together all the components needed for this tent installation. 

In this kit, we have included our HD Tent Mount Kit and Alu-Cab crossbars that come together to create a balanced setup. There will be (6) HD Tent Mounts, (3) Alu-Cab load bars, (1) GP Factor x TrailRax Offset Tent Mount kit, and needed hardware included in the kit. Everything in this kit was selected and designed to bring together the highest of quality parts to ensure the most structurally sound mounting system possible.

For those of you who have a different extrusion-based rack, no need to worry; this kit will work with your rack as well, with the correct crossbar spacing! With the help of GP Factor and Alu-Cab USA, we've worked to make this kit easy and accessible for all customers seeking a simple and drop-on solution.

Kit Contents: 6x 1" HD Tent mounts, GP Factor offset rear and center mounts, 2x GP Factor Lopro Alucab Mounts, and all hardware needed to mount to your extrusion rack. If optioned "yes" you will also receive 3x Alu-Cab Load bars.


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