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270 Weathershade Side Wall Kit - by Quick Pitch

270 Weathershade Side Wall Kit - by Quick Pitch


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This side wall kit was designed with the user in mind as this side wall kit can be fitted by one person in minutes because of the heavy-duty zips (no Velcro) and light, yet durable canvas that is used to manufacture the side wall kit.

The side wall kit zips into place with no effort. All the side walls join on each pole giving you a closed apartment next to your vehicle that can be used as an extra room or just to keep the weather elements out. The side wall kit comes standard with 2 windows and a double door opening with insect screens suitable for tiny, Australian biting midges and mosquitos. The side wall kit is water resistant with 400mm PVC bottom insert making it suitable for any terrain as the PVC is easy to clean, each side has stainless steel eyelets that can be pegged down if needed. The side wall kit is a great addition to the 20 second weather shade awning.


Kit comes with additional support poles for the weight of the side walls.

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