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270 Degree Awning Bracket - by TrailRax

270 Degree Awning Bracket - by TrailRax


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Our 270 Degree Awning Bracket makes the perfect solution to provide a stable support to your awning. When it comes to awning brackets, especially  270 Degree Awning Brackets, they require extra care in the design and material used to withstand the weight and leverage an awning has. That is why we have taken our signature designing of rugged and reliable products to the awning brackets.

With the use of 5052 aluminum, it provides a reliable foundation to create a stable platform for your awning. Through our testing of this material, 5052 aluminum provides the best overall support, durability, and weight-savings.

The way the 270 Degree Awning Bracket is designed to bolt into multiple spots on our TRMR Rack. This 270 Degree Awning Bracket will mount on the rear corner of your TRMR Rack, where the strength is needed most. Additional bends in the mount  are strategically placed in the 270 Degree Awning Bracket to increase strength and durability for those who like to get on the gas!

Enjoy the blissfulness and tranquility of relief of mounting your favorite 270 awning on our bracket for your TrailRax Modular Roof Rack! Our 270 Degree Awning Brackets will reach new levels of support, reliability, and ruggedness to your campsite. Flex the muscles of the 270 Degree Awning Bracket, so that you can flex on all your friends!

We offer a Driver and Passenger side version of the 270 Awning bracket. Considering that both parts are specific to either side, figure out what one works best for your situation and order accordingly.

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