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4 Person Tents
    • Ponderosa Plus 3-4 Person Rooftop Tent – By Treeline Outdoors

      $5,099.00 CAD

      Available for on-demand Order – Contact us or stop by the showroom to choose from a large range of Colours and Options

      Welcome to the AdventurePLUS rooftop tent! Made in Canada, The PonderosaPLUS is a 3-4 person, an all-season tent that inherits the unique qualities seen in the Adventure series, PLUS MORE!

    • Skycamp 3.0 (4 person) – by iKamper

      $5,749.00$5,999.00 CAD


      Hardshell Rooftop Tent That Sleeps 4!

      Enjoy the easiest and most comfortable camping experience imaginable with the Skycamp rooftop tent.

    • Autana 4 with Annex – Haze Gray

      $2,899.95 CAD


      The massive 4-man Autana is Tepui’s largest roof top tent and now comes with two built-in screened sky panels which allow for a great view of the stars and surrounding trees when the rainfly is removed.. The Autana 4Roof Top Tent has a 6ft x 8ft sleeping area and includes a large removable annex so you and your family will have plenty of room for a comfortable camping experience.

    • iKamper X-Cover 2.0 (3 to 4 person)

      $4,949.00 CAD

      iKamper’s hybrid roof top tent is the best of both worlds. The X-Cover® 2.0’s design eliminates the bulky PVC cover of traditional roof top tents and replaces it with a tough Rocky Black shell and durable canvas sides. In case that wasn’t enough, it also features crossbars to mount extra gear like your bikes, skis, kayaks, and boards. This 2022 edition of our award-winning RTT sleeps 3-4 and sets up in just two minutes, leaving more time to enjoy your campsite.

    • Treeline Outdoors – Ponderosa 4 Season (3-4 person)


      The Constellation Series Ponderosa is Treeline’s mid-sized Roof-Top Tent, ideal for small families and groups of 3-4. We’ve taken our popular Ponderosa model and added dual skylights, allowing for natural light to enter the tent even with the fly on. It features a rugged, lightweight aluminum honeycomb base, the strongest and most durable tent base on the market. Aluminum tubing with 2mm wall thickness, makes the tent both light weight and extra rugged. And it comes with Treeline’s signature oversized patent-pending awning windows that can be rolled up for unrestricted views. Other features unique to Treeline include our patented utility/storage bags, utility net on the underside for additional storage, hi-tech Diamond Ripstop rainfly, and heavy duty rubber latches for storing heavier gear like rods and paddles, keeping them safe and out of the way. As always, the tents setup and take down in minutes. Large hinges allow storage of bedding inside the tent while collapsed. It also comes with a built-in, waterproof, high density 2 1/2″ foam mattress made for max sleeping comfort that can stay inside the tent during travel.


      If you don’t see a tent/fly colour combo you want, email us, we keep all fly colours in stock and can substitute.

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