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Quick Pitch
    • Roof Top Tent – by Quick Pitch

      $4,995.00 CAD

      Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent is a hard-shell tent that fits onto trucks and many SUVs. Quick Pitch Roof Top Tents uses the best quality extruded aluminium. No bolts, no pop-rivets, which means no potential leaks. By welding the aluminium parts together the life of the tent is prolonged. You’ll see no hinges, our unique designed extrusions fit perfectly into each other. The two extrusions distributes the weight evenly across the width of the tent. We use top quality canvas in the manufacturing process.

    • Weathershade 270 Awning – by Quick Pitch


      Quick Pitch Weathershade awning is the newest revolution when it comes to legless awnings for a few never been done reasons. When we designed the Quick Pitch Weathershade 20 Second awning we wanted a versatile awning that can be used on SUV’s, Caravans, Trailers or any other vehicle where shade is needed.

      Brackets are sold separately (please contact us to identify which one you need)

    • Quick-en-suite – by Quick Pitch

      $565.00$695.00 CAD

      Quick-en-Suite Shower Box & Bag units are ideal for anyone looking to improve their camping experience with a super easy to use shower and privacy room. Whether you’re answering the call of mother nature, need to change after a swim, or want to take a shower, this room makes it all possible and deploys in under 10 seconds! A heavy duty item with smooth operation, easy to mount, and will fit to any rack or flat surface, whether you have a truck, SUV, trailer, or camper.

    • Mini Kitchen 60L – by Quick Pitch

      $2,574.00 CAD

      The Quick Pitch Mini Kitchen is a product designed to solve a problem every camper and overlander has, and that is to optimize space. When you have a fridge in your vehicle or trailer you can not store anything on top or under the fridge thus is wasted space. The mini kitchen resolves the problem by giving you 2 drawers under your fridge, a big drawer and a cutlery drawer with a prep table as well.

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