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Whether you’re interested in the basics of camping, want to learn about different types of products, or need some help with more advanced items like planning an adventure, we’re here for you. Take a look at our articles, presentations, guides, and quick hints below. Plenty more to come soon!

Van on Bus

Can my vehicle handle a roof top tent?

When you start thinking about roof top tents, one of the first questions that arises is whether or not the roof of your car can support it. For most roof top tents, there’s a straight forward roof rack combination that will work for your vehicle. Read more

Insta - Which rack do I need

Which rack to get?

The roof racks best for your vehicle will depend on the type of roof it has and what you intend to load & carry. For most, standard crossbars and foot packs will suffice, some will need to move up to roof rack platforms. Read more

Treeline Outdoors - Redwood

What’s the best positioning for my roof top tent?

There are a few different ways that you can both position and orient your tent. They all have various pros and cons. At end of the day, it’s about setting it up the way you like as part of your camping setup. Read more

Sofia looking over the lake

Toddler Camping – The Prep

When you first decide to bring your little one along, a lot of things are rushing through your head to account for every little possibility…

Part 1 of a 3 part series. Read more.

roof top tents

Why Roof Top Tents?

Check out our brief presentation highlighting the pros and cons of Roof Top Tents, along with a nice summary of the Tepui product line up. Link: Roof Top Tents [pdf]

route planning

Route Planning

Know how to plan your next route and what to plan for, before you head out. Review our presentation on Route Planning and learn some neat tricks, useful tools, and things to keep in mind when planning or navigating. Link: Route Planning [pptx]

Learn - Hardshell vs Softshell

Hardshell vs Softshell

Understand the differences between hardshell and softshell roof top tents. We go through the pros and cons of each and the various levels within, to help you make the most informed decision for your needs. Read more.

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