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Awnings and awning accessories.

    • ARB Awning – 2500mm x 2500mm

      $630.00 CAD

      Attaching neatly to most vehicles, these self-standing retractable awnings fit onto the side of most roof racks and roof bars, and are conveniently stored for immediate use on arrival.

      Specifically designed for harsh wilderness conditions, the awnings feature anodized height adjustable telescopic legs, Velcro ties to secure roof, thick reinforced aluminum extrusions all secured and free from the outside elements in a heavy duty nylon reinforced PVC bag. Constructed from tough PU coated 300gsm poly/cotton rip stop canvas, the awnings are fully waterproof and offer a UVP 50+ rating. ARB Awnings come in three great sizes, and fit up to 82.5″ high mounting points.

      Brackets are sold separately (please contact us to identify which one you need)

    • Deluxe Room with Floor – by ARB

      $400.00$430.00 CAD

      Deluxe Awning Room with Floor. Fits ARB Awning 2500mm x 2500mm.

    • 270 Shadow Awning – by Alu-Cab

      $2,165.00$2,298.00 CAD

      Whether you’re exploring the Outback, trekking through Nevada’s Death Valley, or charging red sand dunes in the Kalahari, no camping accessory’s job is more vital than the ability to cast shade.

      For seasoned campers, an awning is very often the first accessory they bolt to their vehicle, knowing that the ability to cast as much shade as possible (in the quickest time) is crucial to overland travel. What you don’t want is to be battling with poles, pegs and guy ropes in blistering midday heat, or when rain is thundering down.

      This is why our globally popular 270º Shadow Awning is designed to open, and setup, all in one. There are no additional steps or poles to pitch; you just unzip the bag and swing the awning through a full 270º. It’s so easy, one person can manage it.


      Brackets are sold separately (please contact us to identify which one you need)

    • Thule OverCast Awning

      $449.95$499.95 CAD

      The Thule OverCast Awning is great accessory for your roof top tent and can be used while the tent is open or closed. The awning mounts directly to your roof rack or the tracks of the tent and provides the options of: 4’6″ x 6’6″ or 6’6″ x 6’6″ area of shade extending from your vehicle.

      The awning includes 4 poles for height adjustment, guide wires for stability in high wind, and a 1100g PVC travel cover that the awning rolls into for traveling.

      Check out Awning Walls and Mosquito Netting to turn the Awning area into an enclosed space!

    • Weathershade 270 Awning – by Quick Pitch


      Quick Pitch Weathershade awning is the newest revolution when it comes to legless awnings for a few never been done reasons. When we designed the Quick Pitch Weathershade 20 Second awning we wanted a versatile awning that can be used on SUV’s, Caravans, Trailers or any other vehicle where shade is needed.

      Brackets are sold separately (please contact us to identify which one you need)

    • Thule Tepui Mosquito Net Walls for 6ft Awning

      $249.95 CAD

      Tired of those pesky mosquito’s constantly buzzing around? This netting will help keep you shielded from those blood thirsty pests! It attaches easily to your awning and packs light.

    • Thule OutLand Awning 8.2 ft

      $1,099.95 CAD

      This product is ordered on demand.

      Light weight, manual box awning perfect for compact vans, SUVs and CUVs.

      Awning is 8.2ft long.

    • Treeline Outdoors – Awning 2.5m

      $715.00 CAD

      The 2.5m Treeline Awning is the largest on offer from Treeline Outdoors. Next time it rains invite your fellow campers to take refuge under your awning with space for everyone. Ask us about our optional room attachment!

    • Treeline Outdoors – Awning 2m

      $645.00 CAD

      The 2m Treeline Awning is perfect for quick set ups to escape the sun or provide shelter during stormy weather. Ask us about our optional room attachment!

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