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    • Claymore HEADY+ Rechargeable Headlamp


      Rechargeable Headlamp
      Introduced 3 years ago, the HEADY model continues to dominate in its class. No one asked, but we upgraded the already powerful HEADY to the HEADY+. The HEADY+ contains a massive battery capacity of 3,500 mAh, improved brightness of 600LM, and is surprisingly lightweight at only 104 g (3.6 oz).

    • Claymore Mount Accessory for 1/4″ Socket [Neodymium Magnet]

      $13.50 CAD

      Mount accessory for Claymore Ultra2, 3Face+, 3Face Mini, and Heady+. (35 x 35 x 12 mm, Strong Magnet Mount)

      By mounting this magnet to the 1/4″ socket of the product, the Claymore Ultra2, 3Face+, 3Face Mini, or Heady+ can be attached on the metal surface.

      Please note this CANNOT be compatible with Ultra 3.0 because of the clearance between the Handle Wire and the 1/4″ socket.

    • Claymore ULTRA2 3.0 Rechargeable Area Light

      $159.00$199.00 CAD

      Rechargeable Area Light
      The ULTRA2 is designed to withstand the toughest outdoor environments.
      It has an IP65 dustproof/waterproof rating, an armored body that protects the product from all directions, and a large battery capacity that functions as a reliable power bank. The ULTRA2 is a powerhouse.

    • Claymore ULTRA2 4640 Rechargeable Area Light

      $295.00 CAD

      ULTRA2 4640 – Rechargeable Area Light
      For those that seem to always need that little bit of extra juice, this is the light for you.
      Introducing the all new ULTRA2 4640. This is not your average area light. For starters, this beast houses an astonishing 46,400mAh high capacity battery capable of running up to 264 hours. Yes, you heard it right, up to 264 full hours. Thanks to it??¢s IP65 rating, you can use this light in any environment with peace of mind. Available in sleek black, this light is an excellent choice for those that always seem to not have enough battery. Taking well designed elements from the already popular ULTRA2 3.0, Claymore stepped it up a notch with this extremely capable light.

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